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Big K Mansonry BBQ's
Posted by on 29 August 2013 02:49 PM
Masonry bbq's FAQ's

Q.  How does the electrical battery spit fit the BBQ?

A. The spit is put on one of the level holes where the grills go and either the battery spit is placed on the side or if you are using the electric spit this is attached by the lead directly to the  electric socket.

The battery spit  runs out of battery very quickly, if you put on a tiny chicken it would  run out of charge before it is cooked! In our opinion the electric spit is a better option. This has been proven by the wife of our boss who brought this and she said it did not even turn the chicken she had to do this manually, where as the electric spit worked a treat. 
 On the website page there is a long list of options and on that list there is a drop down key, if you click into each one that is listed the prices are shown . 

Q. How is the delivery done?

A. These bbq's are delivered in component parts and shrink wrapped on a pallet ready for DIY assembly.

 The delivery will be booked in with you a few days in advance, if you are not there to receive it you will be liable for the cost of a second delivery attempt or return to the supplier.

The lorry is a 7.5 ton tail-lift lorry which will deliver the pallet to the nearest vehicular access of your property. This is not a two man service but the driver lifts the pallet off the lorry with a tail lift and places it on your drive you don't need to help him do this but you can't ask him to take the pallet anywhere else like the garden or unwrap it. 

Q.  Do you sell the actual BBQs separately as I have no need of the white base?

A.  These BBQ's come over from Italy in a kit form and we are not able to split the kit up.


Q.  Do the outside of these BBQ's get very hot?

A.  They do get fairly hot which means that they are also useful as a garden or patio heater.


Q.  Do they need to be built and sited on concrete footings? 

A.  These substantial masonry barbecues are extremely heavy and it is recommended that they are placed on a solid level base such as slabs or concrete pad.


Q.  Are there any essentials to order with this BBQ?

A.  The BBQ needs to be assembled and cemented together at its final site, then artexed and painted once assembled. Cement is supplied. The red paint is an optional extra but if considering purchase of this, it would be advisable to order at the same time as the barbecue.

 All the accessories can be purchased separately but this will occur an additional delivery charge.


Q.  What is the brazier for?

A.  The brazier sits at the back of the BBQ enabling heat to come through the grills in the front, so when you use the electric spit the cooking is done at the front and not underneath, this can only be purchased with the bigger BBQ Florida and the larger BBQ's.  Due to the depth of the BBQ, it will not  fit onto the smaller narrow BBQ's


Q.  What is the optional drip pan for?

A.  The dripping pan replaces the fire grate at the bottom where you would normally put the charcoal but you only use the dripping pan when you cook with a spit and use the brazier cooking from the back, this catches all the drips from the food on the spit above.


Q. What is the Soap stone for?

A. The soap stone is put on the BBQ to get hot and then you remove it (with protective gloves) place it onto the table and then you can cook your steak in front of your quests.


Q.  Do you offer an assembly service for these barbeques?

A.  These BBQ's are designed for self assembly and come with complete instructions on how the various component parts should go together, we are not able to offer an assembly service on this item.


Q.  What is the difference between the stainless steel grill and the plated grill?

A.  The stainless steel grill is solid and because it is made from stainless steel will take a lot longer to rust than the plated grill.


Q. Will the cover go over the side table as well.

A. No the cover isn't wide enough.

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