Insulation Advice and Calculation for Sheds, Log Cabins or Summerhouses
Posted by on 29 August 2013 03:00 PM

Generally garden buildings are extremely easy to insulate for use as an office, studio's etc. We will do a full article on the best way to insulate but until then here is a handy way to calculate the number of boards you would require for our recommended insulation of Celotex Tuff-R 50mm Board -

Floor Insulation
WxD metre = area
Area Divided by 2.88 = Number of 2.4m x 1.2m boards required

Roof Insulation
WxD metre - area (don't forget roof overhangs!! front, sides and back)
Area + 27% (for Pitch) divide by 2.88 = Number of 2.4mx1.2m boards required

The floor is a straight forward job as you just cut the insulation board to fit between the pressure treated floor joists. The roof is simple too, as the insulation is sandwiched between the roof boards and the shingles. To secure the shingles and insulation to your roof boards you will need nails which are 65 to 70mm long. You can purchase insulation kits when you order your log cabin or garden building. For full details, prices and advice, please contact our Taylors team.

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