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A New Season Has Begun Today
Posted by Graham Hall on 23 September 2015 01:37 PM

Many of you may or may not be aware that Wednesday 23rd September is officially the first day of Autumn. Most people have their personal favourite time of the year, a lot of people prefer the warmer months of Summer while others prefer the colder snowy climates of Winter. I am very pleased to say that Autumn is my favourite, I love to see the gorgeous seasonal colours start to appear on the trees and love the weather which, although cooler now, is not as harsh and bitter cold as the Winter period which is looming on the horizon.



The one and only down side to this season (in my opinion) is  the mess that is caused by the falling leaves, in my youth I used to love charging through the huge piles that gathered on the pavements and kicking them up as high as I possibly could. Obviously being a grown-up I can't really do that nowadays (unless I am absolutely sure that no one is watching - then it is a free for all in my case!). Unfortunately the falling leaves are non biased about where they land and you will undoubtedly come down one morning to find your perfectly manicured lawn awash with the pests!  Not only that, if you don't get rid of them fairly soon your lawn will soon turn in to a mulch pit - not a pretty sight.


Garden Leaf Blower


Luckily we have a good selection of garden tools and machinery to help with this dilemma, we have several blowers on our site which can help to move the leaves in to a more manageable area to be scooped up and disposed of in an orderly fashion. All of our blowers are portable and handheld for easier control and are available in either electric or petrol versions.


Flymo Scirocco Electric Vacuum


A good alternative to the trusty blower is a vacuum, these suck the leaves up and collect them in to a bag for you. Many of these also mulch the leaves down ready to be composted which not only saves time but is also highly beneficial for your garden and helps you to prepare for next year when your garden will start to come alive again.




Petrol Pro Shredder


Other useful devices for this time of year are our shredders which can also help to dispose of garden rubbish by reducing it down in size and thereby making it easier to fit in to your garden waste wheelie bin.  We have electric and petrol models available with a good range of prices to suit all tastes and budgets.




Also of interest could be somewhere to store your equipment, we have many options for this ranging from smaller wooden garden storage units and sheds or similar models manufactured in metal or plastic.

Whether you are an avid gardener or not there is almost certainly going to be something that might be if interest to you.  These machines will definitely make your life easier by removing the back breaking aspect of garden maintenance or at the very least put you in to your partners good books for a while!

Thanks for reading!

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New Summerhouses at Taylors!
Posted by Graham Hall on 18 September 2015 10:57 AM

Six new summerhouses have been added to our range in the past couple of weeks!

These buildings are built by one of our leading manufacturers and all come treated against rot for 15 years. The manufacturer in question is Forest who also supply and deliver a large range of planters, potting benches and ,of course, sheds and summerhouses.

The Winchcombe Summerhouse



First up is the Winchcombe 8x6 which is a traditionally styled building with a reverse apex roof which creates an interior with a generous height in which to stand.




Looking for something to fit in to the corner?

The Blockley Summerhouse



Look no further than the Blockley Summerhouse. The Blockley is a tidy compact building which is designed to maximise space in your garden by sitting comfortably in the corner. The attractive apex roof creates maximum interior headroom while the four front windows and double doors allow natural light inside, no matter the weather.


Another interesting model is The Charlbury.


The Charlbury Summerhouse 6x6


This is a traditionally style compact model which is ideal for smaller gardens or outdoor spaces. The smaller sized doors reduce the amount of space needed around the building to open them whilst there is a generous interior large enough to relax inside.

The three front facing windows let in plenty of natural light creating a pleasant ambience inside and the pressure treated timber is shiplap for increased strength and durability.



Click here to see all of our summerhouse range - both new and old to see what we have on offer.



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Looking after our feathered friends!
Posted by Graham Hall on 10 September 2015 03:33 PM

September 2015 is officially national chicken appreciation month!

Naturally the limelight this month has to go to our Luna and her chums who live at our garden centre in Northampton. If you have ever visited our show site you are bound to have seen them – they are down the bottom end of the shed display area next to the pond and bridge. Failing that you would almost certainly have heard them on a visit as we have a magnificent cockerel who lives with them who likes to make his presence known by crowing at regular intervals.

 Luna has been with us for a few years now and has been a firm favourite with children who like to see her shiny feathers and feed her some grain.

Luna and her friends are housed in luxury accomodation in a timber Hen House which includes a raised floor, single door and separate closing hen access door with ramp.We have a model available on the Taylors Garden Buildings website measuring 6×6 (including the run on the front). The run on the front of the Hen House has galvanised mesh with lockable door to keep them safe inside at night time from any predators who like to visit and have a mooch around. Being surrounded by fields at Woodmeadow it is inevitable that we get the odd late visitor here and there and this hen run gives us confidence that our feathered beauties are safe and sound.

 We have had this hen house for as long as we have run Woodmeadow Garden Centre (just over three years) and have had perfectly satisfactory use from it (Luna has certainly never complained – especially in the middle of Winter when she and her colleagues are all tucked away nice and warm in the early hours!).

We also have two more models available on the Taylors website which are manufactured by one of our most successful manufacturers – Rowlinson.

The smaller of the two models is designed to comfortably house 4 chickens. Featuring a two compartment nest box and internal perches as well as an easy access ramp. This coop carries the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo supporting the responsible management of the world’s forests. This indicates that any wood used is sourced from well managed forests. With a natural timber finish, this coop is pressure treated.

 The compartments on both of our Rowlinsonmodels  feature removable lids for easy egg collection. The coops have easy access with a slide opening door with hook supports as well as a rear door. For ease of cleaning the coops are fitted with a slide out floor.

Click here for more specifications on these models.

The larger of the two models has all the same features as its smaller counterpart but is designed to comfortably house 6 chickens.

We don’t just cater for chickens on Taylors website either – we also have housing available for  all types of smaller animals as we also have somekennels and catteries available too.

Come and take a look – don’t be chicken! (Sorry).

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